"Celebrity Stalker"

Rom Com
6 X 30
C21 Media Finalist

After a car accident, a woman is shocked to discover she is being visited by the gorgeous subconscious manifestation of Hollywood’s hottest star – there is only one problem she is the only one who can see or hear him.

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"Loan Out"

Black Drama
6 X 30
In development with a production company

In the not too distant future a new technology has been developed, that allows the download of one person’s mind into another person’s body. The series follows an anthology of characters all using the technology for different reasons

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The Mount

The Mount
Horror Comedy
(trailer above)
ScreenCraft Qtr Finalist 2021 & 
Scriptation Feature Semi Finalist 2021

A village conspires to frighten off the American beneficiary of the village’s stately home, chaos ensues when they awaken the three hundred year old malevolent spirit of the house’s original owner

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Sci Fi/Drama
8 X 60
ScreenCraft Pilot finalist

When time travel technology wreaks havoc on Earth’s true time line, the last surviving humans must come together and battle the past, in order to save the future. High concept recurring Sci Fi series

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